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 //**__Projekte__**// //**__Projekte__**//
 <nspages -simplelist -exclude -h1 -exclude:i_template -textPages="" projekte:> <nspages -simplelist -exclude -h1 -exclude:i_template -textPages="" projekte:>
 +  * [[projekte:blinken:start|]]
   * [[https://aachen.ccc.de/tpms/|TPMS-Sensoren auslesen]]   * [[https://aachen.ccc.de/tpms/|TPMS-Sensoren auslesen]]
 +  * [[https://aachen.ccc.de/keyless-klau/|Keyless Klau]]
 </div> </div>
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 //**__Veranstaltungen__**// //**__Veranstaltungen__**//
 <nspages -simplelist -exclude -h1 -exclude:i_template -textPages="" events:> <nspages -simplelist -exclude -h1 -exclude:i_template -textPages="" events:>
 +<nspages -simplelist -exclude -h1 -exclude:i_template -textPages="" howto:>
 </div> </div>

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